What is a minimum performance bond required to start trading with FTG?

Minimum performance bond:

  • for one account - $3000
  • for two or more accounts - $2500 for every account


How much Buying Power can I get with FTG?

Depending of your Performance bond and other factors, we can extend your Buying power 20 to 100 times
which corresponds to 1/20 to 1/100 leverage.


What funding /withdrawal options are available with FTG?

We can send and receive funds by USD wire transfers. 


How often can I withdraw my profits?

Once a month. 


How long does it takes to withdraw profits I earn with your firm?

Profit repayment occurs before the 10th of each month with one month in arrears.
Request for withdrawal should be sent to support before the 25th of the month preceding the month you will be paid out.
For example, any profit earned in June is paid out before August 10. In the example trader is supposed to send request for withdrawal before July 25.


What markets and asset classes I can trade?

 U.S. equities, ETF, ETN, ADR.


Can I hold position overnight?

By default, all positions are closed before the end of the trading session. 
Nevertheless, we provide overnight possibilities on request. 


Can I “White label” your service while developing my own brand.

Yes of course. 

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