About us

Foresight Trading Group is an innovative prop firm as well as a growth oriented trading community appeared as a result of cooperation of several well organized trading groups located in Canada, Europe and China.  

We are constantly expanding our services developing the net of trading offices all over the world as well as giving support to lots of remote traders and partners.

Our main clients are experienced traders and professional trading groups with proven track records in terms of both average monthly net pnl and trading volume. In return, we offer very competitive and flexible tariff schedule and comprehensive support in terms of trading, service and technology.  

The same time we are offering great opportunities for talented novice traders who are capable to work hard to become consistently profitable professionals keeping one of the highest-paying position in the business. We accept a lot of novice and developing traders to take an intensive training program in one of our trading floors located worldwide. Taking part in intensive trading course in our office is the most robust and straightforward way to enter the business. 

Besides that, we are currently launching online educational platform especially designed for people who strive to get skills and strategies from the most stable and profitable traders of our desk and can’t visit one of our offices for some reason. 

FTG maintains fair and transparent business model. The success of the prop firm is clearly depended of success of its traders and clients. That’s why we are happy to invest in developing of all sorts of services that increase your winning probability and makes your trading with our firm as comfortable as it could be.

Our key principles are transparency, honesty, striving for innovations and flexible approach to the needs of every particular trader.

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